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A new name for the PIP....hmmm...how about "TWIcumentary Mode"...lame, I know! LOL But it does sound better than PIP!! :P
I'm following you on twitter, where I am @Married2MyJacob! :)
Thanks for the awesome contest!!! :D


Origins of the Eclipse

Tara Salamone

Just finished reading your review; great writing skills! I really enjoyed your outlook - very much on target. How about "Eclipse Docudrama". I'm following you on twitter under @Tarabell62. Thanks for the great contest!!

Ashley A

How about,
"Documenting the Eclipse."

Cool prizes, wish little Jacob was included:(

Karen T

Nice review! Here's some ideas...


Slade Pops?



E-Clips (Eclipse Clips)?


Hmmm... this is hard. I was trying to this of names that were fun, but not silly and also not too technical sounding.

Separating an Eclipse?
Eclipse explained

I'm not sure, but PIP is really boring I agree.

Karen> I really like the E-Clips!Creative haha


Total Eclipse


"Shadows of Eclipse"

I really loved your review!

Following you on Twitter as CynnieLee24 :D


who won? :)


Congratulations go to Karen T! Stay tuned for a judge's choice on the best suggested name. Thank you to all who entered!


Wait,but doesnt that girl Ashley win?
She's the 4th comment?

Ashley A


I noticed that, and I tweeted Twilidiot.
I'm not sure what you want me to do about it Bailey. yeah. . . I was #4, but maybe the generator messed up?


@ashley a

well if i were you, i'd ask her to regenerate the numbers. Thats not fair to you. youwere number 4. the generator chose # 4.

i mean, it isnt your fault she messed up the names or whatever.

Ashley A

Really Bailey,
I guess it's fine. She already announced Karen as the winner, and Im sure she notified her too. I dont want to sit here and take the prize from her.


fine. I was only trieing to help.
its your loss then girl..

Ashley A


(@ Bailey, Seriously, stop being so negative. You didnt even enter the contest, so I dont even know why your complaining.)


I figured out the confusion. My comment feed has the newest posts first, the opposite of how they appear on the page so that put Karen T at number 4. Can I send you the new People with the Water for Elephants layout as consolation? If so, send me your address to twilidiot@twilidiot.com.

Ashley A

Oh, okay.
It makes alot more sense that way.
I kinda figured it was something like that, but another girl kept insisting it was different.
I understand, and I'd rather not put you through the trouble of having to send me something for a little confusion, that honestly, turned into something bigger than I wanted it to be. But thanks for the offer:)

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