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Amanda Solheim aka "Alice Cullen"

I love Twilight because, Twilight has helped me overcome a lot of my shyness (mostly because of Alice, actually. She's the character I relate to most.) For example, when I worked at Target in 2009/2010, I would wear the Alice choker to work to see how many people would comment on it. It made me open up more, and be able to talk to strangers easier. It also gives me strength. I try to act like Alice when I wore it, so I can be less shy (like Bella, not that I have a problem with Bella. :P), and be more outgoing (like Alice.).(Btw, about 3/4 of the comments I got, were "I love Alice and Twilight!" ones; including one in the bathroom, from a woman who was changing her baby's diaper. A lot of the Twilight comments also came from mothers and daughters together.:)) ams812@q.com


I love Twilight because its something at any age you can relate too. The story is amazing and the cast bring it to life well! The cast are amazing in person as well super sweet! Twilight has given me the chance to meet so many more people and make new friends! and im still making friends from it!


I love Twilight b/c in the words of Rob "it brings romance back". At any age you can relate to this story and everyone wants to be loved! Everyone is obsessed whether they admit it openly or are closet twilights (like my husband) :)


I love Twilight because it made me believe in true love again. The books were actually the first I've read on my own since college and ignited my love for reading.
Apart from Edward being the sweetest, sexiest vampire EVER, all the characters have unique qualities that you instantly fall in love with.
The fandom is amazing! I've met so many awesome girls through their love for twilight and it's been an unforgettable ride.
All the actors that brought these books to life are absolutely incredible. Seeing these books played out on the big screen has been a dream come true.
I feel blessed with all the things that twilight has brought in to my life.


I love Twilight because it was a thrilling ride to read the first time & is still fun to read now - so many times later! The books were introduced to me after I finished HP7 and I was looking for something new. I finished the first three in about three days - very little sleep!! I needed to know more & found an online community that has become like home to me! I have met some wonderful people & have made many life long friends!

The books are easy to fall into - I feel like I'm a student at Forks High when I'm reading. The books brought the whole world to life in an incredible way (so much of the casting was perfectly dead on!!!) and I've been able to feel like a kid again when attending midnight book releases and midnight movie openings and gatherings with other fans!!


I love Twilight because it always makes me smile! =)


I love Twilight because it is the first book series that I read that I couldn't put down and that I can re-read 8times over and still can not get enough of the saga. Edward gives me hope that there are still men out there who believe in "old romance."
Twilight has also given me the chance to meet so many great fans who have the same interests that I do. At home and around friends I can't talk about Twilight because no one likes it, but I have been able to meet some amazing fans on various Twilight fan sites; talk, have get togethers and attend Twilight events!

Gladys Barbosa

I love Twilight because it inspires me to believe in the impossible. Though it is a work of fiction, it relates in many ways to the awkwardness of being a teenager & finding yourself in the scary situation of love. I can't express enough that whether you love it or hate it, or are obsessed or not, you'll find some way to relate to the story. There is no sense of reality, but because of this it takes you off into a world where, if for just a second you'll pretend it's real, you'll fall in love. Becoming lost in such a world where it's not easy to find where you need to go is exactly what some people need to experience a new place in their hearts. :) ❤


I love Twilight because of JACOB BLACK! <3 <3


Whoops! Forgot my email:

ReadingFever {at} gmail dot com


I love Twilight because of Bella & Edward's love story.


I love Twilight because. . .
I never found reading interesting, and I found it nearly impossible to read a full book. In the summer of 2006, one of my best friends brought up a certain book named 'Twilight'. She gushed about how amazing it was and what not. I wasn't interested, politely telling her no. Then, when she would not shut up about it, I read it. Then read it again, and again. I had found myself to be lured into this book. I had gotten so obsessed, that when my friend had called to hang out, it was 'her' I was politely telling no to. I waited, nearly dieing of anticipation, for the second book New Moon, and then Eclipse. Ive, as of now, read each book at least 10 times. I've gone to each and every Midnight premiere of each movie, regardless if I had school in the morning or not. I recently waited 17 hours in line for the latest flick, Eclipse. And once, slept on the cold cement, in the dead of winter, to earn myself a pair of Twilight Tour tickets. Ive met 12 actors from the movie.

I own 2 copies of each book, 43 T-shirts, a sweat suit, socks, jewelery, Barbies, Cardboard cutouts, magazines, over 200 posters, Twilight board games, pillows, blankets, calendars, candy, movies, perfume, autographs, band aids, cups, cards, trading cards, jewelry boxes, Soundtracks, action figures, and more! I even went to High school with one of the actors in the wolf pack (Kiowa Gordon) and Stephenie Meyer lives down the street from me.

This book has given me opportunities to meet other people with the same obsession. They've welcomed me with open arms, and from them I realized I wasn't the only one who deeply cared about this book and its characters.

I'm striving to be more than just, That Twilight Fan girl, but I find myself always giving in, and coming back to the one thing that's made me who I am today.
I've cherished every memory, and every moment I've ever had dealing with this obsession, and I've come to realize that this isn't just a phase. Its a part of who I am, and who I will always be.


Kelly B.

I love Twilight because it revived my love for reading. Ever since I read it, I've developed a new found love for books. Edward and Bella's chemistry and love for each other is a great thing to experience through Stephenie Meyer's words. It's an amazing love story and all the characters are very relatable, which makes it even better. There's a sense of reality in her fantasy world. Her series has literally changed my life. :) It's brought me closer to a lot of people, and I don't care what the hatred say, it's my favourite book series.

MBT Unono

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